Therapeutic ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves that are converted to kinetic energy through tissues. Effects are split into thermal and non thermal:

Thermal Effects:

·       promotes blood flow to an area

·       pain reduction

·       increases joint and soft tissue flexibility

>>>Effects are similar to superficial heating, but penetration is much deeper

 Non Thermal Effects:

·       acoustic streaming - small pressure waves from interstitial fluid

·       cavitation - compression and expansion of gas bubbles in interstitial fluid

>>>Both of these effects are thought to influence cell membrane permeability

Therapeutic ultrasound can be utilised on hypertonic muscles, ligament and tendon injuries and areas of fibrosis or chronic tissue.


At a cellular level PMFT can influence the structure of the cell membrane, movement of ions, charged particles and protein synthesis.


Biological effects enable the body to carry out normal processes of repair with results including a hormone like influence on ATP production, enhanced repair of soft and hard tissues and pain relief.

Specific frequencies have differing effects including aiding healing of:

  • fractures

  • nerve damage

  • ligaments and muscles

  • lesions

PMFT also can be applied for pain relief, vasoconstriction and vasodilation on specific settings therefore it is a very versatile piece of kit that can be used in many scenarios in Veterinary Physiotherapy treatment.



Heat therapy is suited to conditions requiring relaxation of general muscle tension, chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, tendinitis and bursitis and areas of scar tissue or contractures causing a decrease in range of motion. 

Effects include:

·       increased repair processes

·       increased blood flow

·       peripheral vasodilation

·       increased capillary permeability

·       decerased blood viscosity

·       increased lymph flow

·       relaxation of muscle fibres

·       neutralisation of trigger points

·       increased pliability of connective tissues

·       synovial fluid viscosity decreases

·       pain reflex inhibited

·       action threshold of sensory nerve endings is elevated



Here at Infinite Veterinary Physiotherapy we have a combination of LED (light emitting diode) therapy, red laser and infrared laser therapy.


Biological effect of red light phototherapy = photons are absorbed at the cell membrane and in the mitochondria.

  • energy is stored as adenosine tri-phosphate and used to synthesise DNA, RNA, proteins and enzymes and power metabolic processes

  • resulting in enhanced repair and regeneration of tissues

  • one of the many benefits include fibroblast regeneration which optimises rates of healing

Reported Clinical Effects

  • enhanced wound repair

  • increase in circulation improving tissue regeneration

  • reduction of inflammation of tendons, ligaments, bursae and sheaths

  • reduction in pain (relating to nerves, muscles and tendons)

  • nerve regeneration