Massage therapy has a range of benefits including but not limited to:

  • Increased circulation and blood flow to muscle

  • Increased lymphatic drainage

  • Increase in cell metabolic activity

  • Endorphin release - natural pain relief

  • Decrease muscular tension and spasm

  • Increase range of motion

  • Decrease formation of adhesions

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A trigger point is an irritable spot palpated as a nodule or tight band in the skeletal muscle. On direct palpation or muscular contraction, a pain response, local twitch and local tenderness are elicited.

Many horses and dogs will not response well to traditional manual therapies such as ischemic pressure used to treat trigger points, therefore Infinite Veterinary Physiotherapy has a range of electrotherapies that can be utilised to reduce discomfort in treatment. 

Often trigger points are found in the saddle bearing muscles of the horse, but can be found anywhere in the skeletal muscles. They may cause discomfort or unwillingness in ridden work, resistance being tacked up and a decrease in ridden performance.

In dogs trigger points are often found in the epaxial muscles of the back but in competition animals are often found in other areas. Here at Infinite Veterinary Physiotherapy we specialise in the treatment of trigger points in both horses and dogs improving comfort and performance.   


The range of motion (ROM) of a joint is a measure of the distance and direction a joint can move to its maximum potential. Range of motion exercises aim to improve the movement of a specific joint. Stretching can be passive, active or dynamic in nature and over time can lengthen and increase elasticity of the musculotendinous unit. As well as assessment tools , other benefits of ROM and stretches can be seen listed below:

Benefits of Joint ROM:

  • prevents formation of adhesions

  • improves circulation

  • increases availability of nutrition at joint cartilage

  • stimulates new cartilage production

  • aids proprioception

  • prevent compensatory gait patterns 

Benefits of Stretches:

  • aligns collagen and mobilises scar tissue 

  • increases ROM

  • prevents tissue shortening due to immobility, reduction in mobility or neurological dysfunction

  • decreases tissue adhesions

  • increases flexibility and extensibility